Here's what Arianne Witt, the brains behind style muse, Lola Jagger, had to say about her capsule collection:
Inspired by a love for organic shapes, natural textures and the strong yet soft fluidity of curves and the way they flow - this Capsule Collection is an ode to irregular and imperfect beauty.
Seeking solace in the movements and motions of habitual simplicities, I was drawn to the ever-changing texture of rock formations by the sea, the afterglow of a glistening sunset and the sporadic ripples in the ocean as a wave rolls by.
With this in mind, we set out with the notion of creating perennial treasures that evoke a nostalgic feeling each time they touch your skin.
From the heavenly curves of The Malou Ring to the sui generis beauty of the freshwater pearls in the Gloria Necklace, entwine yourself in their golden magic and understated charm and let it take you on a dreamy sojourn.
gloria necklace
In homage to the muse, each of the styles are named after women in my family - taking inspiration from the joyous, kind-hearted and resilient characteristics they hold that I hope this collection encapsulates.
Arianne x