Howdy, girlfriend! Thanks a bunch for stopping by.
We love people like you. You know, the ones who do a little sticky beak of a brand before committing. You’re totally our person!
Allow us to officially welcome you to GIMME Store (if we could let off fireworks and pour you a glass of French bubbles, we would).

In another life, GIMME was known as Trove Store, but #pandemic and #facelift, and here we are. Whaddya think? Spunky, huh!?
But there’s more to GIMME than just looks.
On the inside, it's bursting with damn irresistible accessories.
GIMME Store is a playground for the fun and fashionable (hey, we’re describing you again!), with pieces designed to deliver an extra kick of confidence to women who know what they want.
Season after season, it’s our mission to dish up beautiful, top quality, accessibly priced goodies that’ll leave your mates screaming “GIMME” every time you flaunt them.
With love, light and big, warm (COVIDSafe) hug,

The GIMME Gals xoxo