OK. So unless you've been living some epic secret life for the past two years, it's highly likely activewear and matching tracky dacks  have been your day-to-day go-to 'fit over the past 18 months (thanks, Covid).

To help us re-enter real life (fashionably) we caught up with stylist and digital influencer Cat Sanz who spilled all the beans on what colours she's tipping to be front and centre this summer.

GIMME: What colours are you tipping to be BIG this Summer?
CAT: Colour is everywhere, green is BIG right now, pops of yellow and purple, not just lilac, is coming in a big way. Think big deep plums and violet tones.

GIMME: If you're usually a neutral kinda gal, what's the best way to pop your colour cherry and introduce the rainbow?
CAT: For the last 18 months I would say I have SO many neutrals in my wardrobe, and they are a 'safe zone' for many. How you can introduce a pop of colour is bring in a blue, lilac or green and work it back with a neutral basic. Splashes of colour in accessories can be a wonderful way to get started! 

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GIMME: Do you prefer bold, block colours or softer pastels?
CAT: This season I'm here for the bold colours, pastels still have a place but be bold and be colourful and playful.

GIMME: How should you choose colours that are right for you? For example, if you’re a blonde, can you trust that a hot pink is a surefire match? Or does it comes down to skintone? Help!
CAT: Skintone makes a huge difference. Skin and hair tone being warm or cool will help you decide on the best tone of pink. Cooler hair, skin and eyes, suits cooler shades of pink (more blue tone than yellow)

GIMME: Any colours we should be avoiding this season?
CAT: Not at all, personal style has no right or wrongs, have fun and lean into colours you love from your wardrobe.

GIMME: What colours would we find in YOUR wardrobe right now? 
CAT: Haha, the rainbow really! There is a lot of green, pink and orange and as mentioned to keep your eye out for - purple is coming ☺️