Care Instructions

To keep your accessories in tip top condition we recommend:

- When not wearing your treasures, store them in the pouch or box that they arrived in. This will help prevent moisture and oxygen tarnishing your jewels.

- Removing jewellery while showering, bathing, swimming (particularly at the beach).

- Remove jewellery while applying skincare, creams and makeup to avoid residue settling into the texture or gemstone setting (this will dull the piece). Make sure any creams are fully absorbed into the skin before popping your treasures back on! 

- Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray on your pieces as it can compromise their integrity.

- Remove jewellery when doing physical activity such as housework, gardening or exercise.

- Clean jewellery with a damp cotton cloth (water only) and ensure they are fully dry before storing.

The brand takes no responsibility for careless wear or storage.