Everyone's favourite Insta fashionista and News Corp's new NATIONAL STYLE EDITOR (!!!), Annabel Falco, gave us the low down on what staples you ~need~ in your wardrobe this season. And yes, NEED. What Annabel says, goes.

GIMME: What fashion trends are you tipping to be hot this Spring/Summer?
AF: Colour, colour and more colour. LOL! No but seriously colour is huge for Spring/Summer. Woven details, clogs, neon jewellery and I think we are going to see the return of the “low rise” pant come back…

(OK, just to clarify, Annabel had legit NOT seen our new collection before she did this Q&A, seriously! But neon jewellery? Boy, do we have neon jewellery).

GIMME: If you could choose 3 must-have fashion pieces for this season, what would they be and why?
AF: Oversized shirt – preferably in a colour or stripe. Wear with EVERYTHING.

Print maxi dress – so chic and comfortable and solves just about every dress code.

Body suits – I love oversized silhouettes so a bodysuit always balances proportions and it kind of looks like I’ve just thrown something over my bikini #vibe

GIMME: And what about 3 must-have accessories?
AF: Statement sunglasses – I’m loving classic 90’s masculine frames at the moment.

Bucket hat – preferably designer as it elevates everything.

Layered necklaces – they make even a suit look cooler and slightly more bohemian.

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GIMME: What is a big no-no for this season? 
AF: Terry Towelling. Over it.

GIMME: Ok, spill the beans, what’s on your Santa list?
AF: Oh man where do I start!? Anything from Jacquemus.