• Being snuggled by the box, pouch or dust bag it arrived in when not being worn/used.
  • The occasional polish with a damp cotton cloth and water (but being left alone to fully dry before storing!)
  • Handbags are slightly more fussy and prefer a wet wipe to spot clean marks.
  • Girls nights, French champagne and a cheeseburger on the way home.


  • Getting wet! And we mean in the shower, pool, ocean etc. Get your mind out of the gutter.
  • Creams, skincare, perfume, makeup and hairspray. 
  • Physical activity, or more specifically, sweat. Can't blame them.
  • Voicemail messages

Personality Traits:

The BERNADETTE Earring can be a little sensitive, so to avoid hurting her feelings, please be gentle!

When opening the hoop, apply a very light amount of upwards pressure on the ‘stud’ section (the bit that goes through your ear), while softly ‘pulling' the hinged section away from the earring.

GIMME takes no responsibility for careless wear or storage.